Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Petitions and More, August 23 Is the Concocted Wild Horse Crisis based on Fraud? Read Marybeth Devlin’s opposition to the proposed Antelope and Triple B Roundup and comment. Send it to your elected officials to enlighten them and ask for them to intervene!!/
-------------------------------------  Save the Snow leopard, one is killed every day!  Needs 2,275 more petition signatures for dog #A7 by midnight tomorrow! Russia. Dogs confined near a garage almost burned to death but the catch and kill company doesn't care;  authorities of Novokuznetsk, is this the way you want it to be? Turkey. Report this sadistic ‘person’ and the online account on social media, and close it! Needs more signatures. Turkey. Ankara. Demanding a more severe punishment for this business tradesmen who killed the cat just begging for food! Still needs to pay the lawyer... Brazil. Demanding a Shelter for Street Pets in São José do Rio Preto, SP,  there should be a public service to rescue injured, ill-treated, sick or abandoned animals, and to control over the growing number of animals roaming the streets No to 2 intensive pig farms in Sobrarbe, Santa María de Buil, located in an area of ​​interest to the Geopark and Sierra de Guara Natural Park; 1000 pigs each! France. Ardennes. No to the extension of an industrial poultry farm of 90,000 chickens in Annelles (O8), where another chicken farm of 170,000 chickens already exists! Argentina. City of Buenos Aires. Close the illegal market at Pompeii - Cap.Fed. FCC: Block the Dangerous Conservative TV Take Over
                           ========  News and more   ========= The seventh international animal rights conference in Luxembourg will take place on September 7th until 10th 2017 at the Kulturfabrik in Esch, Luxembourg

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Petitions and More, August 22 Once more. Federal Chancellor Dr. Merkel: Stop the legalized animal cruelty in the farming industry! More attention please. The Netherlands. Ban the fox hunt in Flevoland, these hunting parties cause unimaginable animal suffering!  Drop Cruel and Dangerous Elephant Rides Brazil. Rio de Janeiro. Stop the killing of and experimenting on dogs in this dogpound (Animal Welfare Sub- Secretariat)  !  (Government started a reprisal action against the Animal Protectors of RJ...) Brazil. Mayor of Brumadinho, create true shelters for abandoned animals, support the NGOs that already carry out this work, ensuring the treatment and castration of these animals by specialists, as well as an effective adoption campaign! Animal cruelty. It is forbidden to use Facebook for the promotion or organization of criminal activities, in which individuals, companies or Animals are harmed physically. Remove such content and persons And report it to the competent penal authorities, since public safety also includes animals. The perpetrators must be held accountable! Spain. No more sales or give-aways of Dogs between individuals online; breeding and subsequent marketing of puppies and adults by individuals must stop Now! Turkey. Arrest this pervert (again) for raping animals! Bornova district of Izmir, sexually abused stray dogs on video recordings were posted, taken into custody, but only administrative penalties were applied! Tukey. Sığracık village. Justice for this donkey, killed by means of a water hose! Turkey. Ankara. Requesting more severe punishment for the Cat massacre! France. Demanding Sterilization and Refuge for our stray Cats in the commune of Port de Bouc 13110 Brazil. Ill-treatment of animals is now regulated by Law 9605/98. But measures that provide  effective projects against animal abuse are not fulfilled. We propose a more severe Law applicability where acts of negligence and cruelty are treated with due rigor Italy. Transfer the only Italian, sad Gorilla, 38 years old, to another place in the EU, for company
                  ==========   News and more   ========== Sri Lanka is legalising elephant trafficking, 33 elephants illegally taken from the wild, are now confiscated by the government US. NAVS is pleased to see that many features of the Animal Care Public Search Tool have been restored, but there appear to be elements of the interactive database that are still missing


Monday, August 21, 2017

Petitions and More, August 21  Retweets needed!  'Culture' is Not an excuse for Cruelty! Help stop this barbaric practice & Cosponsor HRes401 ! France. Needs 100,000 sign. to have any "weight" towards the French government! Once again.   Demand the VA end it's painful wasteful dog labs!  End the agricultural industry's monopoly! To confirm Russia. Solve the problem with homeless animals in a legal way Italy. Sicily. Dismantle the Patti non-public killing dogpound and create a suitable structure! Brazil. Municipality of Caieiras SP: public measures for the street animals Italy. Re-open the vet's clinic of Canosa of Puglia! The Canile Sanità would lead to a drastic decrease in stray animals (neuter and spay program) ! Brazil. There are over 633 endangered animals in Brazil, hunted to extinction! We demand 15 years of imprisonment for hunters of extinct animals in Brazil, and the urgent creation of  Sanctuaries! Brazil. Create shelters for the homeless and their pets Rep. Belarus. Stop the death camps for abandoned dogs and cats, create shelters in which they can be vaccinated, sterilized, and live in suitable conditions, prior to adoption ! Russia. Demanding to include in the school curriculum the theme of education in a humane attitude towards animals!  Air France and Air Madagascar: search for the traveling dogs and cats who were lost during unloading! Turkey. Karaman. For a ban on horse carriages, provide horse shelters for horse riding instead Italy, No Third Highway A13 Padua - Monselice! Less cement/asphalt, more space for life/nature Spain. Eable us to use a small space at the sea for the rehabilitation of disabled dogs at Puerto del Rosario, Island of Fuerteventura, Canaries
             ========   News and more   ========  Mr. Dong, of the biggest slaughterhouse in Changchun Slaughterhouse 81, is finally convinced to shutdown his slaughterhouse after endless persuasions by the Buddhist rescuers. Today will be their last business operation day. All regular rescuers including Wang Yan are at the site now. To make sure that no dog is left behind please contribute and share this post far and wide. Wang Yan's direct paypal (indicate "Shutdown Rescue") :  or  !

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Petitions and More, August 19

We Need Cosponsors For HRes 401, to condemn the horrific dog meat trade, please retweet and share! Yale Is Paying Someone to Torment Birds! Encourage Bed Bath & Beyond to Be Down-Free  Brown University: Heads Should Roll for Animal-Care Incompetence Urge Mercer County Civil Courthouse to Ditch Glue Traps 1) World's Loneliest Orca Screams for Freedom 2)
Hampton Creek, Put Cruelty-Free Products Back on Shelves! US-info. Do not weaken protections for clean water; I oppose the proposed repeal of the Clean Water Rule Russia.  Punishment for the fathers of the two minor female residents of Kinel, who killed a kitten and posted the crush video on the Internet! More signatures please. In Tonnerre (Yonne 89), 1st August 2017, this nice 18 year old cat, loved by his masters, came across his 5 torturers. The poor animal was the victim of attempted drowning, followed by various kicks resulting in severe head trauma, succumbed to these acts of cruelty after 48 hours! Sign for justice please Protest. The use of the shotgun as a method of control of the bee-eater bird is against all European, Spanish and regional legislation that protects this species Stop the Use of Cyanide Land Mines that Kill Wildlife Harsher Punishments for Animal Abusers  Fodor's: Stop Promoting Elephant Cruelty
                     ========   News and more    ======== Updates China and other countries


Friday, August 18, 2017

Petitions and More, August 18 If not signed yet. Secr. of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, animals are sentient beings and this needs to be recognised by law in the UK! Needs 150,000. PepsiCo and Nestlé still use palm oil, which destroys the rainforest and the habitat of elephants and orangutans in the Leuser ecosystem!  International. Mexican Wolf Draft Recovery Plan, First Revision. Again. Compose comments with the help of   !  Shocking images! If not signed yet. There is no legal consequence for the workers. We need laws to protect farm animals from these acts of cruelty and ill-treatment! Germany. City of Mainz, take responsibility for the many stray cats who suffer a miserable existence; I demand a castration obligation for stray cats! To confirm  If not sent yet. US-info. Tell Your Senators to Oppose the Dairy Pride Act, introduced in an attempt to drive out competition and prevent plant-based alternatives from using basic terms like "milk," "yogurt" and "cheese" If not signed yet.  Protect one of India's most sacred animals and the country's national heritage animal, ask the minister to enact a complete ban on elephant performances Premier, stop the exploration and protect the Kimberley Coast from mining!  Scroll down please. Speak out to Defend Our Public Lands From Massive New Fracking Chile. Enforce the law and punish cases of animal abuse shown in social networks! Spain. City of Padul. Change your cat-extermination policy (throwing their food out for the rats and fining caretakers 500 €!) Meet with animal groups for a real solution Russia. Requesting an area to create an animal shelter in Krasnoyarsk, with a sterilization station, quarantine and temporary holding for animals Brazil. Realeza needs a temporary shelter for the treatment of sick abandoned animals New petition.  Spain. No to Black Cat cruelty! Despite having collected more than 145,000 signatures of people against the celebration of the so-called "Black Cat Feast," Carasa festival, in Voto, in which a cat is thrown into the crowd, the mayor Jose Luis Trueba decided to ignore them and to carry it out anyway!   No to a $ 35 million pig slaughterhouse in the Bondville area of ​​Lac-Brome, Canada! Russia. Stop the atrocities towards horses at the Roslavl Equestrian Club, Smolensk region! Spain. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared the arruí goat a "vulnerable" species in 1986; it is not an invasive species, it does not displace the mountain goat! Requesting an investigation to find out if the Region of Murcia has complied with current legislation by exterminating the arrui goat! Italy. KJ2, the EU bears project in Trentino must be run by people from outside Trentino! Spain. Request for an animal shelter in Castrillón Asturias, coordinated by animal protectors  Philippines. Construction of an Animal Shelter for Stray Cats and Dogs in General Santos City  ..... no official target Spain. Aleria. Punishment for those who used a young stranded dolphin to make selfies, instead of rescuing it, causing it to die! Mexico. Promote a Healthy Ecosystem in the Nevado de Toluca - Free Amparo
               ========   News and more   ========  Urgent support needed.  Utah public money is used for a "Wild Horse Summit" in Salt Lake City next week, attracting pro-slaughter "wildlife managers" and other pro-ranching special interests to lay the roadmap to begin the killing of America's healthy wild horses. Ryan Zinke, is expected to attend ... Updates Europe, German language


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Petitions and More, August 17  Secretary Zinke, do not undermine Special Area protections in the Reserve, home to iconic wildlife including caribou, muskoxen, polar bears, brown bears, wolverines, wolves, and millions of migratory birds! Mexican Wolves. -This recovery plan gives states too much control, especially as both the Arizona and New Mexico game agencies are known to be hostile to wolf recovery!  - Do not support SB 1514! France. Village of Jaugey, Côte d'Or. Justice for our cats Keira and Lisie, tortured, beaten to death by two individuals! Please confirm Let’s get to 40,000 sign. Tell PepsiCo to cut ties with conflict palm oil! .... UK-info. Our moorlands are being stripped of wildlife by gamekeepers who kill natural predators to preserve grouse raised to be shot for 'sport' Secretary Zinke, do not undermine Special Area protections in the Reserve, home to iconic wildlife including caribou, muskoxen, polar bears, brown bears, wolverines, wolves, and millions of migratory birds! Urge Centurion Cargo Not to Transport Big Cats Intended for German Circus Ban sodium monofluoroacetate,1080 poison, a slow and gruesome killer! When ingested (usually through baited food) the animals, pets, wildlife, herbivores suffer a prolonged and horrific death, up to 44hrs! Argentina. Stop the extermination, torturous use and abuse of the puma, introduce alternatives! But County Commissioners have no say in this, it is (was) totally up to the zoning board Russia. Kill an animal - get a term. A child is no longer a child, if he tortures and kills! Spain. Do not allow minors at places of animal torture, bullfighting! Russia. Improve the living conditions of animals in the zoo in St. Petersburg! Spain. Veterinarians in municipalities: sterilization and primary care as an  "urgency" and in "solidarity" with pet owners without sufficient resources! Let's save the junipers of Crimea together! Ban the sale of souvenirs from juniper and  tighten the punishment for cutting red book trees in the Republic of Crimea!  Spain. Malaga. Stop the logging and rethink your fire-prevention program! Italy. Apifor 60 and Api Bioxal at a fair and sustainable price to fight Varroa in bees
            ===========   News and more    ========== Palm oil producers Korindo have gone back on their pledge not to clear any of the forests which are currently occupied by endangered orang-utans! On the Air "En Español": Spreading ISAR's Spay/Neuter Message Across the U.S.